Anime Last Stand Genos Guide – All About Jenos

Feature image for our Anime Last Stand Genos guide. It shows a shot from Banner 1, including Jenos in the Mythic slot.

Just got your hands on the cyborg man? It’s Genos.. sorry Jenos on the field. This rather familiar character rounds off the Mythic roster, and with an attractive deployment price. Is he any good though? Don’t worry, our Anime Last Stand Genos guide is here to tell you about Jenos and what he can do.

Anime Last Stand is a Roblox game where you recruit some very familiar faces from the anime world to create an unstoppable fighting force. Roll the dice to summon from the pool of candidates, and plan out a flawless strategy to fend off wave after wave of attackers.

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Anime Last Stand Genos Guide

Here we’ll go into detail about the unit and how to get it.

About Jenos

Jenos is a Mythic-rarity unit obtainable through the normal gacha.

Jenos can be summoned on both Banner 1 and Banner 2. In Banner 1 you have a 0.5% chance of rolling him when he appears in the banner.

In Banner 2, you have a 1% chance of rolling him when he appears on the banner.

You can tell Jenos is on the banner when you can see him on the summon screen.

Jenos Strats

Jenos is a very low cost Mythic, though sadly doesn’t benefit from a previous unlimited placement glitch anymore, so you can’t spam Jenos anymore. Boo.

Be aware when placing

Jenos Stats

Here are the raw numbers.

Default – $450

First Upgrade – $950

Second Upgrade – $1,500

Third Upgrade – $2,200

Fourth Upgrade – $2,250

Fifth Upgrade – $3,500

Sixth Upgrade – $4,500

Seventh Upgrade – $5,500

Eighth Upgrade – $7,500

Ninth Upgrade – $12,000

  • 10,000 DMG
  • Range: 30
  • SPA: 7

Tenth Upgrade – $15,000

  • 11,800 DMG
  • Range: 35
  • SPA: 8

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