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From shops to a trick challenge mode, our Block Tales Map guide prepares you for the game ahead. Some shops sell cards, some sell consumables with buffs, and others offer healing items. There’s even a cosy inn to relax in!

Visit the Block Tales Roblox page to start your latest adventure. If you’re new to the game, have a read of our Block Tales Card Tier List. Once you know which cards are best, you can then use our How to Get All Block Tales Cards to find them!

Block Tales Map

Excited to progress through Block Tales? Here’s a guide that explains each location in detail so you know what to expect!


The starter area! During the prologue, you’ll be in Bizville. There are multiple buildings to enter and shops. There are a few NPCs to talk to, but the main highlight is the shops as they sell lots of different items that are useful at the beginning of the game.


Enemies wander these parts, so you better be prepared! There are trampolines to give you a height advantage, but expect to walk up quite a few hills along the way in the Meadows. There’s a sole building by the river, which turns out to be someone’s house – pretty remote!

The Iron Cafe

While you’re in Bizville, head East to find the Iron Cafe. There are lots of consumables here to buy, such as food that provides HP and buffs.


The exit! If you want to leave Bizville, you can go through here. Beware of the ice within the cave, as some of it is quite sharp.

Sketchy Figure

The Sketchy Figure NPC stands by the hotel in Bizville, specifically on the right side. This NPC sells cards, including some of the best cards in the game. They all cost Bux, with some being cheaper than others.

Lorenzo’s Shop

To find Lorenzo’s Shop, head to the left side of the hotel. Like the Iron Cafe, this shop sells SP and HP replenishing items.


The second area in the game! Head through the cave in Bizville to find Roadtown.

Ye Olde Inn

You can own your own room in this building, which allows you to rest and gather your things. If you head down to the bar area, you can purchase various items.

Eska’s Shop

There are SP and HP replenishing items in this shop. But, there are also consumables on offer that buff your overall attack damage for a while, as well as items that inflict enemies with debuffs.

Desna’s Shop

Compared to Eska’s Shop, Desna sells a bounty of cards! My top recommendation is the Cure card, as it’s a universally useful one to have in your deck.

The Pit

When you gain the ability to shrink with the Shrinking card, you can enter the Pit. This area acts as a sort of challenge mode for players who have completed all other content in the game. It’s technically a dungeon crawler, as you go up multiple floors before being able to set a checkpoint, and so forth.

Blackrock Castle

Once you have Dynamite, you can explore Blackrock Castle. This is because you need to destroy the blocked entryway before you’re able to get there!

Throne Room

As the name suggests, this room is for royalty. However, there’s ice at the end of a corridor that leads to a throne made of ice. This is where the Cruel King can be found, as he sits upon this freezing cold chair.

Ice Cream Cart

This little cart offers up cups of coffee that you can buy for your character. Keep in mind that the coffee costs Tix instead of Bux though! The items on offer are the same as the Iron Cafe in Bizville.

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