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Ready to be one with the darkness? Well, thanks to the Fruit Seas Vampire race, you can! This race doesn’t have the same obtainment method as the other races in the game. In fact, it’s quite unique, if not a little tedious.

Visit the official Fruit Seas Roblox page to find Lucius. Now, before you head off, have a read of our Demon Piece Weapon Upgrades guide, our Demon Piece Forest Nymph guide and our Demon Piece Fruit guide – especially if you’re new to the One Piece game!

Fruit Seas Vampire Race

The time has come: vampires are now a playable race in Fruit Seas. The obtainment method is a little different than the other races though. Not to worry though, as I’ll explain all down below!

How to Unlock the Fruit Seas Vampire Race

Rather than rolling for the race when you first start the game, the only way to become a vampire in Fruit Seas is by defeating a certain enemy. His name is Lucius, and he comes with a range of drops, including Vampire Blood.

Vampire Blood is used to turn your character into a vampire, but it doesn’t look like it’s a guaranteed drop when beating Lucius. He also drops Orbs and a 2x Stat Buff, the latter being for a random stat and not a specified one!

To find Lucius, you can either visit the area behind the Colosseum, at the top of the Indomitable Fortress, in Arlong Park at the top of the mountain, close by to the Thunder God in Skpiea, or standing behind the Roulette House in Louge Town or the Marine Base building. He can spawn in a few places!

Bloody Cloak

To boost those vampiric vibes, you also have a chance of obtaining the Bloody Cloak when defeating Lucius. This is a wearable clock that provides you with a bunch of boosts that work well alongside the vampire race. Here’s what you get when equipping the Bloody Cloak:

  • HP +100
  • Movement Speed +15%
  • Flow Dodge +1
  • DMG +2%
  • Lifesteal +5%
  • HP Regen +10%

Obtaining this cloak isn’t a must for players, but if you’re already farming Lucius for the Vampire Blood, you might as well make use of the accessory too!

Vampire Stats

  • Critical Chance gets a 5% boost
  • Your NPC Lifesteal ability is 10% stronger
    • But, your PvP Lifesteal is only 5% stronger!
  • HP Regen is now 15% faster, but there’s a catch. This buff only works at night! Vampires and their nightly routines, am I right?

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