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Can’t work out how to find the Roblox Classic secret code that takes you to the 1x1x1x1 boss? Read on to locate each number, including which order to enter them, and where to find the number pad!

Find the secret boss fight now before the Roblox Classic event ends! For more content on the event, take a look at our Roblox Classic Daemonshank guide to find out why players aren’t happy about the new item.

Roblox Classic Secret Code

As the Classic event comes to a close, it’s time to participate in the secret boss fight! But first, you need the correct code. To find where you input the code, head to the middle of the main lobby area. Look for the fountain with a duck wearing sunglasses, which is now open to reveal a hidden bunker below!

There’s a huge number pad on the wall, which is where you can enter the code. The wires next to the number pad provide a hint about the order of the entered numbers. If you look above the number pad, you’ll also see coloured squares on the upper wall that also replicate this order! For my playthrough, the order is: red, blue, yellow, green.

How to Find the Secret Code

Now that you know where to input the code, it’s time to find the code. Make note of the order of colours, and head back out to the main lobby via the ladder. You now need to look around the map to search for coloured numbers! It changes each time you load in and out, so make sure you stay in the same lobby when looking for the code.

  • Red (First number)
    • I found the red number in the stone area! Look for the portal that takes you to The Hunt, and look behind it. That’s where the red number should be!
  • Blue (Second number)
    • Jump up the yellow squares to get to the top of the moon building. Find the hole, jump down it, and look at the green structure. The blue number is located next to the doorway of the green structure.
  • Yellow (Third number)
    • Head to the duck fountain and look at the white circle around the duck – the yellow number is here!
  • Green (Fourth number)
    • Make your way to the volcano, head inside by jumping over the platforms and blasting the side of the volcano to make an entrance. Walk inside to find the green number on the wall next to the ladder.

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