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Our Roblox The Classic Buried Treasure guide explains what the Roblox The Classic Buried Treasure is, and how you can get it for yourself!

To play for yourself, visit the official  Roblox website. If you’re already a player, or want more information, you can check out our Roblox The Classic Event Games guide and our Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret guide.

Roblox The Classic Buried Treasure

Let’s see if we can find the treasure! We will need to find and collect different books that are dotted throughout the game to get the treasure.

The History Of Roblox

Start by opening the game and heading to the fountain. Above the fountain is a book called The History Of Roblox. Hold the E key to pick it up.


The second book is called Cheezburger, and you can find it in the café.

Teapot Forest Fire

Book number three is called the Teapot Forest Fire book and is located… near the teapot. This is to the right side of the café by the Happy Home.

The Tale Of The Epic Duck

This book is located in the desert area near the castle. Climb up the set of stairs to find it.

How To Get Robux

Walk past the volcano to the Roblox HQ building, which is the tall glass building. Use the ladder to climb right to the top to get your hands on the How To Get Robux book.

The Tale Of The Epic Duck 2

Use the portal near the Roblox HQ to teleport back to where you spawn into the game. From there, walk to the Old Hunt area to find the book.

Roblox For Noobs

Head to the Moon (don’t worry… you can’t miss it! You can see it in the sky) and use the yellow platform to jump onto it. Walk to the top, then keep walking until you see a hole. Drop down into the hole and bounce off the wall to get to the green platform to find the book.


Exit the moon and use the red portal to teleport inside the volcano. You can of course walk there yourself, but it takes a while! If you do teleport into the volcano, walk back out and look for the small floating platform next to the volcano. Walk across to it, and you will find the book.

Pirate Run

Speed over to the raceway and head for the karts. To the left of them is the book.

Once you’ve collected all of these, make your way to the pirate ship. In the sand just after the water is a red cross. Dig it up to collect the hidden treasure token and badge!

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