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By admin May27,2024

Our Anime Defenders Tier List ranks all the units in the game from best to worst, so you know who the strongest and weakest are.

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Anime Defenders Tier List

Below is every character in the game, ranked from strongest to weakest.


These are the strongest in the game, try and get your hands on these as soon as you can!

  • Sharposhooter 
  • Pink Rockstar
  • Prince of Curses
  • Esper 


If you can’t get your hands on units in S-Tier, these are still great to use!

  • Flame Dragon God
  • Skull Warrior 
  • Admiral of Light
  • Thunder Shinobi 
  • Elf Wizardess
  • The Gamer
  • Chance King


These are good if you’re a beginner, but try and get units in higher tiers asap

  • Thunder Hokage
  • Kasper
  • Ice Admiral
  • Ascended Saiyan
  • Skull Paladin 
  • Lava Admiral
  • Strongest Swordman 
  • King of Curses
  • Inferno Commander


These aren’t great, try to avoid them! They may be useful in a few ways, but won’t help in your overall progression of the game

  • Elf Hero
  • Fire Leg Master
  • Clay
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Carp 
  • Four Tails


Avoid these at all costs! They won’t do you any favours, and aren’t worth going for

How Do We Rank Units?

We use a variety of different sources to create our rankings. We base it off our own experiences as well as what fans in the community think too. However, if you don’t agree with our rankings, that’s more than okay! If more characters are added, or rankings change, we’ll be sure to update this tier list to make sure it’s as accurate as it can be! Make sure to regularly check back, so you don’t miss a thing.

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