Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers Quest Guide

By admin May24,2024
Feature image for our Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers guide. It shows a player about to share a Witch Brew drink with the HelperBot NPC.

Giving is always its own reward… but tokens are also a reward. Sharing a cold one with a helpful buddy is the key to completing the Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers quest, and our guide runs over the easiest way to do it.

Roblox The Classic is an event that’s running now on the platform. We’re also got a Roblox Classic Mirror Secret guide for another tricky quest objective, as well as a good way to earn the Tix you might need later.

Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers Quest Guide

Third Quenchers is a secret quest with no explanation on how to complete it. Fortunately, we can explain! We’ll go over each of the steps.

Earn Four Tix

Beofre you do anything else you need to get your hands on some Tix. Four to be exact. It doesn’t matter how you get hold of them, though we’ve included a suggestion for a few easy ones below.

  • Complete the Obby Of Glory – Three Tix
  • Complete three laps of the Race Track – Three Tix
  • Complete one lap of the Cart Rise – Three Tix

Get A Drink Token And Visit The Vending Machine

So you have your Tix, what next? Buy a drink! First, open the event tracker by hitting the button on the left of the screen.

In the event tracker, buy the Drink Coin. You can trade this in for a drink at the vending machine. You’ll find a vending machine in the spawn area. Interact with it and it will ask you to pick a drink. It doesn’t matter which drink you get, so follow your heart.

Find HelperBot

Next, you need to seek out the NPC HelperBot. He’s usually standing or walking around the spawn area, though sometimes menace players with rocket launchers can knock him into strange places.

Approach HelperBot and equip your drink of choice then interact with them to share your drink with HelperBot. For your kindness, you are rewarded with a token for your trouble! Thanks HelperBot!

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