Roblox Classic Mirror Secret Guide

Mirror Mirror on the wall, there are Tix and I want them all. Fortunately, a mirror can give you some more Tix if you know what to do. Our Roblox Classic Mirror Secret guide runs over how to complete one of the secret quests.

You can explore the event yourself via the Roblox The Classic hub. We’ve also got a Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret guide for another of the hub’s mysteries.

Roblox Classic Mirror Secret Guide

The Mirror Secret is another hidden objective lurking around the hub. This time it’s for more Tix for your collection… but it’s not immediately obvious what you need to do. So let’s explain.

Finding The Mirror

First thing’s first, you need to find the mirror. You need to find the building in the hub with the striped awning outside. Observant player might notice something a little strange about this building. There are two side windows on the outside… but only one on the inside. That’s because there’s a hidden room.

How to unlock it? That’s what we cover next.

Opening The Mirror

Inside you’ll see a big pane of glass opposite the door. It might look like a window at first glance, but it’s actually a mirror. A magic mirror, in fact.

So, stand in front of it and type the phrase magic mirror into the chat box.

The mirror should suddenly clear for a few seconds. This should let you hop straight through into a new room.

Finding The Tix

The secret room looks a little bare, but there’s more to this secret. To the left of the mirror you can find a ladder. Head up there to the upstairs. There you can find a bar, a drumkit, and comfy seats with a pile of books. The major thing though, is the Tix in the middle of the room. Interact with it to grab it for your total and complete another quest off the list.

If you want out, just use the magic mirror command again to jump out.

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