Yes, My Adventure with Superman’s Clark Kent is meant to be hot because he’s “a space princess and must always be treated as such”

By admin May22,2024

If you’ve been looking at My Adventures with Superman’s titular hero and thought “damn, he’s hot,” it turns out you were meant to!

My Adventures with Superman’s first season felt like a really refreshing take on the beloved superhero given how miserable he’s been to watch in DC’s film universe so far. Sure, origin stories are a dime a dozen with characters like Superman, but when it’s done well, it’s done well. And it’s certainly helped that this take on Clark Kent is pretty easy on the eyes too, something numerous fans have certainly revelled in since the first season. Now, in an interview with, co-executive producer Jake Wyatt and co-producer Josie Campbell have made it very clear that their Clark is absolutely meant to be hot.

When asked if there was some kind of requirement to make Clark as hot as he can be, Wyatt explained, “Why wouldn’t there be? There’s actually a mandate to make everyone as hot as possible, but especially Clark. Early on in retakes, when we were revising animation, we sent the note to mirror that Clark has big, beautiful Disney Princess eyes. Right, Clark is a space princess and must always be treated as such. Yes, Clark has to be beautiful all the time.”

Campbell doubled down on this, saying, “I mean, everybody’s beautiful. That was our rule. Everybody’s beautiful, everybody’s hot…Especially Clark. My office used to be next to Jake’s, and I would just hear him muttering as he’s doing, ‘Needs to be hotter, needs to be hotter,’ and I’m like, ‘Correct.’ To which Wyatt then noted that it was, ‘Very important to us. That Clark be hot.'”

If you’ve been looking forward to My Adventures with Superman season 2, I’ve got good news for you, as it’s only a few days away until it’s airing again. Last month Adult Swim confirmed the show would be airing May 25 with a double episode billing, before switching to a weekly release. And don’t worry if you can’t catch it live, as it’ll be available on Max the very next day.

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