The Boys’ creator wants to make the show a touch more supernatural with a specific cast addition

By admin May22,2024

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke is looking ahead to future cast members, and he’s certainly interested in adding Supernatural star Jared Padalecki for at least one episode.

When you think of Jensen Ackles, you almost definitely will think about his former Supernatural costar Jared Padalecki. They were on that show for so long together, it’s hard not to, and seemingly Kripke thinks similarly. The Boys showrunner recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his hopes to bring Padalecki on board in some capacity, telling the outlet that “Texts have been sent.” He went to say the he feels “like it would be a bummer to not have Jared on the show one way or another at this point, even if it’s just the one-episode thing. He’s been shooting Walker, but with that show wrapping up, maybe he’ll have some time to come in and play with us. I would love it. We have definitely talked about it.”

That quote from Kripke apparently came a few days before news emerged about the Padalecki-led show Walker having been cancelled. With that cancellation, as Kripke noted, Padalecki will have a bit more time on his hands, and quite conveniently, Amazon renewed The Boys for a fifth season just last week. That renewal has come a little early, actually, as season 4 of the popular Prime Video series isn’t set to debut on the service until June 13, an entire month away, but when it does arrive it’ll do so with three whole episodes before switching to a weekly release.

Padalecki joining the cast of The Boys, even just for a short while, would obviously be a reunion of sorts for him and Ackles, given that the latter portrays Soldier Boy in the comic book adaptation. On top of that, Kripke also created Supernatural, so it’s only natural he’d went to bring on Padalecki in some shape or form. How that might come about, I’m sure Kripke has an idea for, but in the meantime if that’s something you’re interested in you’ll just need to keep your fingers crossed.

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