The Makers Of Roterra Roll Out The Closed Beta Test For SlidewayZ

By admin May22,2024

SlidewayZ – A Musical Journey is a new sliding tile puzzle game by DiG-iT! Games. They are the team behind the award-winning Roterra and Excavate series. The devs have rolled out a SlidewayZ closed beta test for both Android and iOS players.

What’s SlidewayZ – A Musical Journey About?

You’ll slide cute characters around to clear paths and collect rewards as you explore different worlds. You can move these adorable characters through space, across floating barrels and do more. The gameplay might look familiar, but tricky twists await in the harder puzzles. And for a real challenge, you can try the extra hard mode.

SlidewayZ is easy to pick up and features a collection of cute characters and unique settings. You might even encounter pandas in space or dragons skating on ice! Collect them all and enjoy classical music from composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn while you play. This game might even remind you of the Minions, but with a variety of colours.

The game is still in the works and the devs are looking to polish it further. And so, they’ve released a limited early Beta version of SlidewayZ to test it out. The full game is set to release in Q2 2024 or Q3 2024. If you’re eager to try it out, head over to this SlidewayZ closed beta test official page.

Still not sure? Well, no worries! I have the game trailer right here for you to check out. Check it out and decide if you want in on the SlidewayZ closed beta test.

DiG-iT! Games have been on the scene for almost a decade. They try to promote creating games that are fun, educative and interactive. If you’ve played their Excavate series or Roterra, you’d probably know what kinds of games they ‘dig’. And that should probably be enough to tell you what kind of a game SlidewayZ – A Musical Journey will be.

Although I can’t predict anything yet, I’m excited to try this one out. Have you signed up for the SlidewayZ closed beta test? By the way, before you head out, take a look at some of our other news on other new games on Android. Omega Knockout Is A Throwback Arcade Boxing Game With 16-Bit Visuals.

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