Children Of The Light’s Days Of Nature 2024 Launches Soon!

By admin May22,2024

Prairie Peaks is about to get a lot busier starting May 27th when the Days of Nature event kicks off. thatgamecompany’s social adventure game Sky: Children of the Light is gearing up for Days of Nature 2024. It’s the game’s annual celebration of the world’s water bodies.

Aid A River In Need

The theme for Sky: Children of the Light’s Days of Nature 2024 is ‘Aid a River in Need.’ For three weeks till June 16th, Shard Eruptions will bring Darkness to the area, threatening the river’s health. Spirits will then build a device to stop it from spreading. But of course, it’s up to Sky kids to capture the pollution and keep it from impacting the surrounding areas.

There’s a new type of Dark Creature that’s not keen on leaving. Team up and dodge these creatures while you help the river and other players. Or you can just share some hugs with fellow players to aid the rivers in need. After all, love can cure anything.

Look out for the event currency while you’re flying, swimming and rolling around Prairie Peaks. You can find four pieces around the area each day. And then use them to snag a glittering blue mask and an ocean-themed scarf in shades of sapphire and turquoise.

Support Sky: Children of the Light’s Days of Nature 2024 For A Cause

A lot of new items are up for grabs. They are the Nature Wave-Touched Hair, which adds a cerulean touch to your style and the Nature Wave Pack, which mimics a running river in cape form. All the classic items from previous years are back too. They include the translucent Nature School Cape, the Nature Turtle Pack and the vibrant green Earth Cape from 2020.

During the event, most IAP items sold will support real-world ocean and waterway cleanup efforts. If you want the breakdown of the donation and charity, check out the official announcement page of the Sky: Children of the Light’s Days of Nature 2024 event.

The devs will be releasing the 0.25.5 patch notes soon. For more details on all items, you can keep an eye out for the patch notes. And if you’re yet to try out the game, check it out on the Google Play Store.

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