Save The Forests (And The World) Virtually With Evergreen: The Board Game!

By admin May20,2024

The digital edition of Evergreen: The Board Game is out now, and it’s all about growing trees. The physical version of the game has been around for quite a while now. Both the board game and its digital version have been created and published by Horrible Guild.

Horrible Guild has published other games on mobile like Railroad Ink Challenge, Similo: The Card Game, Dragon Castle and Potion Explosion, most of which were physical board games first. On the Play Store, Evergreen: The Board Game is priced at $4.99 (the physical version costs $44.99 without any discount).

Grow Trees, As Many As You Can!

Evergreen: The Board Game is about growing trees. The game takes a typically slow and tedious biological process and simplifies it into something enjoyable. And the art is definitely a highlight. The visuals are engaging and cool, and you even get a cute rulebook which is like the game’s own encyclopaedia.

So, in the game, you pick a biome card to decide which area of the planet you’re working on. Then, you start planting trees, bushes and lakes, using the power of Nature to do more. Finally, you collect trees in a specific area to gather light without overshadowing each other, aiming to score enough points to win.

With all its pretty and brightly-coloured meeples (or treeples), Evergreen: The Board Game lets you play against AI opponents. You manage your own planet and focus on making it as green as possible rather than dealing with other players on the same board.

Catch a glimpse of the game right below!

Will You Try Out Evergreen: The Board Game?

While the concept might not sound super thrilling on paper, Evergreen is already climbing the ranks for mobile board games. If you liked playing board games like Photosynthesis while growing up (which is also Horrible Guild), you’d like this digital version of the tree-growing strategy game.

If it sounds like something you’d play, head over to the Google Play Store and grab the game. Meanwhile, check out some of our other stories. Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival Event Lets You Win Tons Of New Rewards!

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