Appxplore (iCandy) And Minto Announces Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover!

By admin May20,2024

Game publisher Appxplore (iCandy) and production company Minto are gearing up for a big collaboration! It’s Claw Stars x Usagyuuun!!! Yes, the famous Usagyuuun stickers in your messaging apps are coming to the popular mobile game.

When Is The Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover Happening?

Well, it’s going to happen soon. And by soon, I mean in the next few months. What makes this crossover special is that you’ll have Usagyuuun not just as a collectible, but as a playable character in Claw Stars. You can adventure across planets and navigate fun claw game mechanics with this cute bunny. Also, new Usagyuuun stickers will be available for use in the Squadron chat (obviously!).

In case you’re still unaware of this cute creature, it’s a Japanese bunny created by Minto. It’s funny and cute, and according to Minto, it’s a blend between a rabbit and a mochi! Well, you now probably get how cute it is. Usagyuuun also has two friends, Nekogyuuun, the cat, and Ninjin!?, the carrot.

Known for its over 6 billion downloads worldwide, Usagyuuun was launched in 2016. Known for its extra cute and expressive designs, its popularity in messaging apps and stickers makes it a well-known IP. The Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover will be the IP’s first-ever game collab.

Ever Played Claw Stars?

Did you know that Claw Stars was Google Play’s Best Pick Up & Play Game of 2021? It has thousands of adorable hamsters stuck in space (and other planets), who become super-intellectual over the years. You can navigate different planets using a claw machine, collect various items and interact with friends within the game.

Launched in June 2021, the game is published by Appxplore (iCandy). They have a lineup of other cute games, like Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen (Role Playing), Thor: War of Tapnarok, Light a Way, Caveboy GO and Alien Path. Grab Claw Stars from the Google Play Store and try it out before The Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover officially launches!

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