What are we all playing this weekend?

By admin May19,2024

This weekend is a big one for me. My brand new fancy shmancy ottoman bed is arriving in my new flat, after two weeks of curling up on the sofa with a weighted blanket. I’ll also be topping it with my brand new ultra-thick memory foam mattress topper, raising me off the floor another crucial few inches. Think of the view I’ll get from up there! To imagine there’ll be any time for games! Pah!

I kid. Plenty of time for games for us all, even while reclining on gloriously beds with ungodly amounts of storage space. We love playing games here at Rock Paper Shotgun. Even Alice, who has routinely told me that actually there are no good games. Here’s what we’ll be clicking on this weekend.

Alice Bee
We’re all playing Deathbulge for the Game Club at the moment, but I also want to play some 1000xResist because despite quite a silly name I have seen people saying it’s very good.

As I’ve got a friend’s wedding coming up, I’m going to hang out with them and we’re going to buy some new shirts because we’re grown ups. If I’ve got some time on Sunday, I might hop into Destiny 2 and farm some silly little tokens or something.

is in another country!

It’s most likely the same answer as every other weekend: I will once again be playing a mixture of Fall Guys, Minecraft and Helldivers 2. There is a chance the latter might be swapped out for different coop shenanigans, but I don’t yet know what. Suggestions in the comments please.

I waited two years for Little Kitty, Big City and it released during a week where I had zero free time to play it. Which was pretty rude, if I’m honest, but I will give it this weekend to make it up to me.

This weekend I shall continue playing An English Haunting, which was supposed to release on Steam on the 15th but unfortunately was delayed by last minute verification troubles. But it’s out on Itch.io right at this moment, and I recommend it to those in need of a mysterious point and click adventure all about a university professor trying to prove the existence of ghosts in 1907 England and Scotland. It’s well-written and atmospheric, and there’s a bookshop in the game where you can just take a break from your investigations, hang out, test your trivia on 19th century horror writers and peruse shelves full of Gothic fiction. As someone who occasionally enjoys working to playlists on Youtube entitled “Victorian Jack The Ripper Ambience,” this sort of thing is definitely up my alley.

is on holiday!

Stellaris for me. It feels like at least a couple of years since I last sat back and had space tell me stories about brain slugs and religious cults. And, as is usually the case, the UI has self-replicated, gradually edging closer to becoming sentient. Talking of sentience, the new Machine Age expansion is looking fun so far. You can basically play as Cyberpunk’s Arasaka now by developing chrome and selling it your pops. I’ll report back in another 20 hours or so, just as I’m starting to get a grip on one small corner of the UI.

I’ve played some Deathbulge, Alice’s pick for this month’s RPS Game Club, and it’s good enough that I imagine I’ll play some more, and write about it. I’ll also hop into Hades 2 and see how the new Dash feels after Patch 1’s release. I’ll be honest, I think things were great as they were, but I’m excited to see what exactly they’ve changed.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

By admin

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