Redfall will receive one final update after all, including an offline mode

Redfall is getting a final update which will add an offline mode and singleplayer pausing, among other changes. The news was announced via the Redfall account on X, which also thanked players for their “supportive messages” in light of developer Arkane Austin’s imminent closure by Microsoft.

“Thank you for all your supportive messages,” begins the message on X. “We are working to release our final update, Game Update 4, that brings revamped Neighborhood and Nest systems, Single Player Pausing, Offline Mode, and more.

“We’ll provide additional details soon. Thank you all.”

It was reported last week that Arkane Austin had been working on an offline mode when news of their closure came down. There was also planned DLC in the works. At the time it was assumed that the closure, announced earlier the same week, meant the updates would never see the light of day. Thankfully that’s not the case – although the DLC is still no longer coming, and there’s still no confirmation of what compensation ‘DLC pass’ owners will receive for its absence.

Redfall launched a little over a year ago to severe criticism – including in our own Redfall review – and poor sales. Much of the criticism focused on its barren-feeling world, poor AI, and lack of stability, issues which have been somewhat addressed via updates released so far. An offline mode would also have moved it one step closer to the kind of singleplayer experience Arkane Austin are best known for, although no amount of retrofitting was ever going to turn it into the wonderful Prey.

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