Square Enix Announces Towatsugai EOS, A Story Archive Launches The Same Day

By admin May18,2024

I have some scoop regarding Towatsugai, the Japanese battle fantasy RPG by Square Enix. The bad news is that it has decided to pull its plugs this summer (it never saw a global release). The good news is that a web fan community with an archived version of the game’s story will start service on the same day of Towatsugai EOS.

Saying Sayonara Even Before Saying Hello!

Towatsugai EOS is scheduled at 20:00 on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024. Alongside this, a web fan community called ‘Towatsugai Fans’ will launch on the same day. This new platform will let you enjoy stories and derivative works. The best part is that it’ll have a fully voiced main story and records, just like the game.

You can transfer some game data to the Towatsugai Fans community by entering a transfer code on the pre-registration site and earn coins for use within the community. Some of the titles of character songs will be downloadable and streamable starting Wednesday, July 17, 2024.

With the announcement of Towatsugai EOS, the team has opened the pre-registration for Towatsugai Fans already. If you love the story and art (which I think you do, if you play the game), head over to the official site to pre-register for the online fan community. The main story from Chapter 4 onwards will continue to be written by Nao Shiramoto and developed using Spine animation by Evolve.

What Led To Towatsugai EOS?

Towatsugai started out well. The game even had a live stage performance, and a second stage play is supposed to happen soon. The gameplay, however, has disappointed many. Rewards that were once in event shops are now locked behind these new characters. Fights have become harder and more tedious, and events and banners change weekly without offering free characters anymore.

Animation cuts, art re-usage and unbalanced events that require active 30-person guilds have also driven players away. Despite the world and story being amazing, many have shifted to being ‘story only’ players, not caring for the gameplay aspect. In fact, the revenue of the game indicates struggles. The combined Android and iOS revenue was at $180k last month, according to SensorTower.

What’s your thought on Towatsugai EOS? Comment and let us know! And before heading out, take a look at our other news. Win $100,000 By Participating In The Race For Riches In Rumble Racing Star!

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