Shooting Arcade Game Space Yucca Is Like Space Invaders But Fresh!

By admin May18,2024

The creator poured heart and soul into Space Yucca, with over 56,000 lines of code and meticulous attention to detail. The result? An arcade-style game that prioritizes fun and humour.

Karianakis crafted Space Yucca for over two years, aiming to create a game that stands out from the crowd. The developer understands the genre can be saturated with repetitive titles. “I saw many games in this category with not much effort put in,” he says. I wanted to make something with better graphics and more creative gameplay, with a touch of humour, too.”

Space Battles, Not Real Ones

Space Yucca is all about exciting space combat – minus the real-world consequences. “Skip the war,” Karianakis says. “Fight it out in a simulated space battle instead!”

If you’re looking for a quick and engaging arcade experience? Here ya go! Space Yucca focuses on pure fun, according to the dev, without the need for daily grinding or collecting endless items. “This might hurt me financially,” speaks the developer, “but I couldn’t make a game I thought people would get bored with.”

The game is made for fans of arcade games who are seeking a challenging game with a quick pace and traditional shoot-em-up games with a contemporary touch.

Coming Soon to a PC Near You?

Space Yucca is currently available on Google Play for Android devices. Karianakis hints at a possible Steam release in the future but there isn’t any official confirmation about it yet.

Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade shooters or just looking for a fun and fast-paced experience, Space Yucca is worth checking out. Download it through Google Play and see if you can conquer the cosmos!

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