Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival Event Lets You Win Tons Of New Rewards!

By admin May18,2024

Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival Event has begun! Until June 11th, 2024, you can join in a new type of battle, a new challenge and lots of special rewards. The timing of the event is perfect as 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

What’s In Store?

During Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival Event, you can join in exclusive Dragon-type-only battles. Completing the mission grants a License and Holoware of your choice from any of five Dragon-type Pokémon. The event features plenty of challenges and rewards, like exclusive Pokémon Licenses, Eye-lenses and more.

In the Full-Burst Battle! Dragon Dustup Challenge, you can choose two out of six Dragon-type Pokémon: Miraidon, Duraludon, Garchomp, Dragapult, Goodra, and Dragonite. Completing match challenges earns you Dragon Challenge coins. You can trade your Dragon Challenge coins for various rewards in the Dragon Challenge Exchange. A Trainer Outfit (Raihan) costs 100 coins, FYI.

In the Full Burst Battle! Dragon Dustup Missions, you can complete daily and repeatable missions for Dragon Challenge Points. If you manage to obtain all six featured Dragon Carnival Pokémon, you can snag the exclusive Dragon Carnival Colored Contact Lenses. Meanwhile, take a peek at the event below!

Will You Participate In Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival Event?

Pokémon Unite is also gearing up for the upcoming World Championship in August in Honolulu, Hawaii. With such a big event coming up, you can expect bigger updates for the game. But for now, let’s dive into the carnival and have some fun! If you want more details on the rewards, check out the official website.

If you haven’t tried the game out yet, check it out on the Google Play Store. Love gacha games and RPGs? Take a look at our other news. Blue Archive’s Cherry Blossom Festival Kicks Off with Hyakkaryouran Chapter 1!

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