Attack On Titan Revolution Perks

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Our Attack On Titan Revolution Perks guide has everything you need to know about what perks are in Attack On Titan Revolution, and what the different perks are! (and what they offer, of course)

For more information on the game, you can visit the Roblox website. We also have an Attack On Titan Revolution Shifting guide and an Attack on Titan Revolution Family Skill Tree guide for you to have a look at!

Attack On Titan Revolution Perks

Let’s have a look at what the perk system is!

What Are Perks?

Perks all have unique…. well, perks. They grant you unique abilities to help you in your gameplay. You can access your perks system by going to: Play>Equipment>Perks. From here, you can equip all the perks that you have obtained throughout the game.

Different Perks

There are currently four types of perks that are available.

Core Perks

  • These perks overwrite your stats or boost your general stats. You only get one of these, so make sure it counts! As it counts as a universal slot, you can only use one.

Offense Perks

  • These boost ODM damage-related stats (such as critical damage %, attack speed, etc)
  • Obtained through the Offensive Skill Tree.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be in the Ackerman family (Levi… my love) you will get a bonus Offensive Perk slot.

Defense Perks 

  • These boost a player defense related stats (such as boosting your HP%, reducing your damage, and letting you dodge attacks and hits)
  • Obtained through the Defensive Skill Tree
  • Those in the Yeager family will get an additional Defensive Perk slot

Support Perks

  • This perk boosts ODM/equipment-related stats (more bandages, boosts ODM movements, regenerates gas on each kill you make)
  • Obtained through the Support Skill Tree
  • Anyone in the Reiss family will get an extra Support Perk slot

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