It’s Spring Time In Bunny Island, So Usagi Shima Has Carrots On Sale!

By admin May17,2024

Have you played Usagi Shima, the cute game with cute bunnies where you can design your cute island? Alright, I admit! I said cute way too many times. But it is cute, so…! Anyway, this cute pet-collecting game by indie game developer pank0 has just dropped a ‘juicy’ update.

Celebrating The Spring Vibes In Style

The latest update in Usagi Shima brings a 20% discount on all carrots for a limited time. So, you can spoil your fluffy bunny buddies as much as you want now. If you’re yet to play the game, you may be wondering if carrots are just a meal for your bunnies. But no, they’re more than that. Carrots are your currency in Usagi Shima.

They help you upgrade your island or buy cool toys to keep your bunnies entertained. Gold carrots from special bunnies unlock even more goodies, like shops and buildings, to spruce up your island. The usual rates of carrot packs range from $0.99 to $3.99, such that you get 50 gold carrots at $3.99 and 1000 regular carrots at $0.99. You can also snag sets of 20 gold carrots and 3000 regular carrots.

Usagi Shima is also hosting a Closed Beta Test for its upcoming update right now. It’s set to introduce five new adorable bunnies to the game. So, get ready to expand your bunny family! Want to be a part of the CBT? Grab the game from the Google Play Store and sign up for it!

What’s Usagi Shima?

You must have gotten the hint already. But to give you a quick overview, you dive into a world of adorable bunny collecting on a tranquil island. There’s lush greenery and majestic torii gates, with bunnies hopping around. It’s a laid-back game and the bunny version of Neko Atsume.

You can pamper your bunnies by petting them, feeding them or playing a round of hide and seek. They’ll shower you with treats in return. The game has an extremely cosy vibe with its hand-drawn visuals and soothing soundtrack.

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