Echoes of Hype: Wuthering Waves Hits 30 Million Pre-Registrations Milestone!

By admin May17,2024

The much-awaited open-world action role-playing game Wuthering Waves has reached a huge milestone: 30 million pre-registrations worldwide! If you signed up early you will score a bounty of in-game goodies upon release through the in-game mailbox.

The loot stash includes consumable items to sweeten your character’s abilities, resources for crafting and upgrading, and in-game currency to snag additional items. This pre-registration bonus is a great way for you to get a head start in Wuthering Waves.

Here is everything the Wuthering Waves pre-registrations milestone hoard offers- Lustrous Tide x20, Sigil: En Route, Astrite x200, Advanced Resonance Potion x10, and Shell Credit x80,000. Not a bad haul for just clicking a button, right?

This is a big deal, even for a game that’s been generating a ton of buzz. Wuthering Waves has racked up more than twice the number of pre-registrations than some other super popular RPGs at launch. That’s like finding a rare golden fish before you even cast your line in the water!

Additionally, a reveal livestream has also been announced for May 19th at 18:30 PT on YouTube. This livestream is your chance to get the inside scoop on the official release, including upcoming events, other pre-registration rewards and bonuses you won’t want to miss.

Humanity Rekindled Following the Calament

Now that Wuthering Waves’ official release is only seven days away let me give you a quick heads-up on the game!

An open-world adventure game, Wuthering Waves follows a mystery disaster. A century ago, the Calament rocked the earth to its foundations. Unknown species materialized, destroying civilization. Still, people are a tough lot.

Rebuilding from the ashes, survivors united. This exciting new world has an awakened soul in Rover, who suffers from amnesia. Will you go down as a renowned hero or simply another name in the crowd? You get the choice.

You can still pre-register for the game on Google Play and wait for its release on May 22, 2024. Also, did you know that Stardew Valley Update: Console and Mobile Players Have Inched Closer to 1.6?

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