Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York Comes to Android Soon

By admin May15,2024

A new story-based action game called Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York is about to drop on Android. You play a young vampire with difficulty getting used to being one. Pick your clan, make friends, and find your way around the complicated world of vampire society.

Turn Into a Fledgling Vampire

In the game, you are a newly-bitten vampire. The embrace and metamorphosis into a night creature are also horrifying and thrilling. You will battle the Beast, an obscene hunger that is always trying to eat you alive.

There are three playable characters in Coteries of New York, all from distinct vampire clans with unique disciplines (special abilities), moral compasses, and worldviews. Will you be an iron-fist-wielding, expert manipulator known as a Ventrue? Or a Toreador, a painter inspired by the gloomy beauty of the night? Perhaps the Brujah clan calls to you; these rebels oppose the current system and struggle for freedom.

Disentangle a Sinister Scheme

The tangled mystery is hiding in the never-sleeping metropolis. The plot might throw the city into anarchy as you negotiate the political games between the vampire factions, the Camarilla, and the Anarchs. Those you can rely on. Every meeting might be an attempt at treachery under the cover of loyalty.

There will be others travelling with you. You will be introduced to a cast of intriguing characters with individual histories and secrets.

Additionally, a few of the Kindred you may come across are a ferocious Gangrel loner, a shrewd Nosferatu investigator, and a crafty Tremere sorcerer. Will you build partnerships, give in to the darkness, and take advantage of them for your benefit?

Sift through a maze of moral problems and vicious power battles among the several vampire clans starting May 28, 2024! The game is up for pre-registration on Google Play as well.

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