Hightech Toy Returns to Archives in Goddess of Victory: Nikke!

By admin May15,2024

The popular Hightech Toy event is making a hype-worthy comeback to the Archives in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. You’ll get to revisit this thrilling story and rewarding gameplay from May 16th onwards.

The event was announced on their official Twitter. According to their post, you can access it through the Archives section in the game. You’ll need Memory Film items to unlock Archives events, which can be earned from a separate event called “DARK HERO.”

Story Recap

The Ark faces a financial crisis as mass-produced Nikkes, particularly those from Missilis, mysteriously vanish. Infuriated, CEO Syuen dispatches the Matis squad—Laplace, Maxwell, and Drake—to investigate. The protagonist, lacking a Counter squad due to Syuen’s machinations, joins them to reveal the truth behind the disappearances and any potential shenanigans by Syuen.

The Matis squad heads to the surface, the lonesome wasteland teeming with Rapture threats. They encounter a distress signal and discover a heavily damaged mass-produced Nikke. With her engineering background, Maxwell steps up to repair the Nikke using spare parts.

Matis returns to the Ark with the rescued Nikke. However, their mission isn’t over. CEO Syuen demands they capture the Rapture despite the rescued Nikke’s failing brain haven, a portable device keeping her fallen comrades alive.

Event Gameplay

Hightech Toy offers a familiar gameplay loop to the No Caller ID event veterans. You will receive daily Hero Battery tickets to participate in event stages. Additional tickets can be purchased with Gems. Some stages offer one-time rewards, while others can be replayed to farm Hero Dice, the event currency. Deploying specific Nikkes grants bonus Hero Dice.

Hero Road is the core gameplay mode of Hightech Toy. You can use Hero Dice to roll a die, advancing Laplace across a game board. As she progresses, she collects rewards and builds Hero Power. Reaching 100 Hero Power grants a special event reward and resets the meter.

Bonus Nikkes

Here are some of Nikkes who can help you earn more Hero Dice in the Goddess of Victory: Nikke event Hightech Toy:

Laplace offers the biggest bonus at 60%. Also, Drake can get you 40% more Hero Dice. Maxwell, Volume, and Emma each provide a 30% bonus. Additionally, Diesel, Rapi, Anis, and Neon all contribute a 20% bonus to Hero Dice.

Will you be able to help uncover the secrets behind the Rapture threat? Find out by getting the game on Google Play!

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