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The Solo Leveling Arise Shadows are a key part of your overall team build when you get to chapter 8 and beyond of the main campaign. But what exactly do they do, and how do you evolve them?

The official website for Solo Leveling Arise has a section dedicated to the latest news, so be sure to keep an eye on that! And for your Sung Jinwoo build, take a look at our Solo Leveling Arise Stats guide to discover which stats are best for him.

Solo Leveling Arise Shadows

You don’t unlock the Shadows feature until you’re able to defeat the Igrid the Red boss fight in chapter 8 of the main story. The full name of the feature is the ‘Army of Shadows’, which you can find via the menu once unlocked.

Shadows are an additional element to add to your team in battle. However, you need to pick the best shadow for your playstyle – use our Solo Leveling Arise Shadow tier list to find out which are the strongest altogether!

Shadow Authority

You can have up to 3 Shadows assembled in the Shadow Formation, but the Shadow you place in the 01 box becomes your Shadow Authority. The Shadow Authority utilises the ability/buff provided by the chosen Shadow, which overwrites the abilities of the other 2. This means you need to decide which Shadow Authority ability works best for you. Shadows also have skills which you need to pay attention to!

How to Unlock and Upgrade Shadows

Unlocking Shadows is straightforward, but it requires a specific type of resource! Traces of Shadows are used to unlock each one, and you need a total of 100 per Shadow. To upgrade your Shadows, you then need to collect Abyssal Fragments. Upgrading a Shadow boosts the Army Total Power! Promoting a Shadow requires Traces of Shadows and Gold, so make sure to still farm Gates for both Traces and Abyssal Fragments every day.

Shadow Army Level

You increase the Shadow Level Army by spending Shadow Energy (and lots of Gold!). You get this resource via Gates, which you can complete daily with Gate Keys. Shadow Energy is solely used for this purpose, so don’t worry about saving it for anything else! By increasing the level of the Shadow Army, your Max Army Capacity and Army Total Power are boosted.

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