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Embarking on an oceanic adventure? You’ll need a Grand Piece Online ship tier list then! Some, you’ll need to save your Beli for, whereas others require a bit of in-game grinding.

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Grand Piece Online Ship Tier List

There are plenty of ships to obtain in GPO, with some being unobtainable at the moment due to them being seasonal event rewards! Despite that, there are still a few ships that are worth your Robux or Beli.

If you want to save your in-game cash (and Robux), you can opt for a boss drop ship, or stick to the beginner ship if you’re new to the game. The beginner ship is arguably the weakest, but it’s fine for a while as you get used to the mechanics of Grand Piece Online!

S Tier

The best ships to sail across the seven seas in Grand Piece Online.

  • Thrilled Ship
    • Available in the in-game shop for 800 Robux
    • Rare
    • 2K HP
    • Speed: 85
    • Has 4 canons

A Tier

These ships have decent stats, with a great amount of speed and HP, making them a must for travelling long distances.

  • Striker
    • Legendary rarity
    • Based on Ace from One Piece
    • Obtained via the in-game shop for 3.33K Robux
    • 700 HP
    • Speed:
      • With Mera: 100
      • No Mera: 70
  • Galleon
    • Common rarity
    • Purchased from Shell Island for 15K Beli
    • 2K HP
    • Speed: 75
  • Hoverboard
    • Legendary rarity
    • Inspired by Gravito from One Piece
    • Obtained via the Grand Piece Online gamepass or obtained as a drop from the Gravito boss with a 1% drop rate chance
    • 750 HP
    • Speed:
      • With Zushi: 95
      • No Zushi: 70

B Tier

The HP to speed ratio is almost the same as those in A-tier, but when you compare them side by side, there’s a clear winner!

  • Coffin Boat
    • Legendary rarity
    • Obtained via the Grand Piece Online gamepass
    • 666 HP
    • Speed: 85
  • Flamingo Boat
    • A drop from defeating the Love Emperor boss during the Valentine’s event
    • 700 HP
    • Speed: 70

C Tier

The speed of the Cupid Boat and the HP of the Caravel save these ships from being placed in the D-tier.

  • Caravel
    • Common rarity
    • Can be purchased from the Beginner Island for 2K Beli
    • 750 HP
    • Speed: 45
  • Cupid Boat
    • A drop from beating the Cupid Queen boat during the Valentine’s event
    • 100 HP
    • Speed: 60

D Tier

A special spot is reserved for the beginner boat as it has the weakest stats – at least it’s cheap!

  • Rowboat
    • Common rarity
    • Obtained from the Beginner Island for 75K Beli
    • 100 HP
    • Speed: 25

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