This Week Is Going to Be ROUGH at Disney World — Here’s Why

By admin May14,2024

Summer is nearly here and although summers at Disney World are a blast, there are still some downsides you need to be warned about.

Cinderella Castle

Between large crowds and hurricane seasonDisney World can be tricky to navigate during the summer months. However, one of the most glaring issues is the heat — and Disney World guests will be feeling it in spades this week!

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According to News 6, the Orlando area will encounter scattered storms and high temperatures in the next few days thanks to a stationary front.

Can you beat the heat at Disney World?

Tuesday (May 14th, 2024) is supposed to be the hottest day of the week with temperatures reaching 94 degrees Fahrenheit and a heat index of 102. Wednesday remains nearly as hot with temperatures around 91 degrees and a heat index of 99 degrees. Thursday also shows similar trends.


The heat is expected to feature highs of mid- to low 90s and peak heat indices between 100-105 degrees in the afternoon hours, according to News 6. Lows are expected to remain in the upper 60s to low 70s in the evenings.

Rain is possible every day through Sunday, May 19th, with rainfall possibility being as high as 60% on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday each have a 50% rainfall chance and Friday through Sunday each have a 40% chance. Thursday has the lowest rain chance with 30%.


If you’re visiting Disney World this week, or any week where this kind of weather might occur — we have a few recommendations.

Rule No. 1 is to always stay hydrated and take breaks as needed. The heat will make it nearly impossible to go full speed. Also be sure to pack sunscreen and other protection, such as hats, cooling towels, and misting fans. We also recommend wearing breathable clothes and bringing stormwear with you to the Disney Parks, like ponchos and rain jackets. Remember, these are hot STORMS, and you’ll need to prep for the heat AND the rain.

Rainy Day at Animal Kingdom

We’ll keep you posted on Disney World weather and news updates so stay tuned right here at DFB for all the latest!

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What are some tips you have to beat the heat at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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