Disney Files NEW Permit for an ICONIC Magic Kingdom Ride

By admin May14,2024

Between new restaurants, rides, and rethemed classics, Disney is always trying to keep things interesting and exciting for us!

Cinderella Castle

But, more often than not, that means a bit of renovation is needed in order to make it happen. Keeping up with the latest construction permits Disney files can be a great way to find out just what is going on around the parks and hotels, and we just found a pretty exciting one!

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We’re always on the hunt for the latest permits filed by Disney to get an idea of what sort of changes might be coming to the parks, and we just found an interesting one! A new permit has been filed for work over at the Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom.

Carousel of Progress

The permit is for “general construction” which could really mean anything — so we’re not totally sure what Disney has planned here. The Carousel of Progress first debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and was later moved to Disneyland before finding its final home at Disney World. So, this is a rather old attraction!

Carousel of Progress

We don’t think this will be a major retheme or anything, but the ride could use a little TLC, so maybe a refurbishment is on the horizon. For now, there aren’t any closures listed for Carousel of Progress, but we’ll be keeping an eye out!

Fall on Carousel of Progress

In other permit news, we spotted that Swirled Showcase — the EPCOT festival booth — had a new permit pulled on it as well. The description lists “Provide labor, material, and/or electrical for construction,” so we’ll be keeping an eye out for any changes here as well. It’s possible we could see something new here in time for the Food & Wine Festival!

Swirled Showcase

And, despite its recent extended closure, yet another permit has been filed for the Doubloon Lagoon pool at Port Orleans French Quarter — so we’ll let you know if any more closures are on the horizon for this pool soon enough.

Doubloon Lagoon Pool

Stay tuned to DFB for the latest news from Disney World and more!

Disney Files Permit for Opening-Day Ride in Magic Kingdom

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