Anime Fantasy Evolutions Guide – Everything You Need To Know

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Our Anime Fantasy Evolutions Guide explains everything you need to know when it comes to evolution! Such as how to evolve, what it means to evolve, and the requirements that are needed.

If you want to live out your anime fantasies for yourself, you can do so by visiting the Roblox website. If you’re already a player, we have some other posts you can check out! Such as our Anime Fantasy Stat Reset Cube Guide and our Anime Fantasy Shadow Monarch Guide

Anime Fantasy Evolutions Guide

Not all units can be evolved, so make sure you check our list later on in this guide to make sure the unit you’re wanting to evolve can actually be evolved!

Evolution will increase your unit’s base stats, and can also include new movesets for your unit, giving them new skills and abilities. If you’re ready to evolve a unit, visit the Stats Potential NPC in the hub. You can also teleport over to the ‘Evolution’ area.

All evolutions require certain materials, and that is depending on the unit. Materials that are needed can be found by completing raids. There are three maps in Anime Fantasy: Infinite Train, Shidobi Forest (Night), and Marine Town.

All Anime Fantasy Evolutions

Below are all the units that can be evolved, as well as the requirements needed.

Levy (Levi)

  • Evolves into Levy (Arc)
  • Requirement: 100 Capsules
  • Currency needed: 10,000 Gold


  • Evolves into ShadowMonarch (Awake)
  • Requirement: x1 AbyssalFang and 100x EnemySoul – obtained in Shidobi Forest (Night) Raid
  • Currency needed: 10,000 Gold

FireFist (Ace)

  • Evolves into Firefirst (Emporer)
  • Requirement: 30x Sharkfin and 1x FireFruit – obtained in Marine Town Raid
  • Currency needed: 10,000 Gold

Sasuka (Hibe)

  • Evolves into Sasuka (Storm)
  • Requirements: 8x Blue Scroll, 8x Yellow Scroll, 8x Red Scroll and x1 Sword – obtained in Shidobi Forest (Night) Raid

GodOfSky (Enel)

  • Evolves into GodOfSky (Thunder)
  • Requirement: 30x Sharkfin and 1x ThunderFruit obtained via Marine Town Raid
  • Currency needed: 10,000 Gold

Brulo (Broly)

  • Evolves into Brulo (Legendary)
  • Requirements: x1 Fighter Necklace and 100x Sanzu Bean
  • Currency needed: 10,000 Gold

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