Anime Crossover Defense Upgrade Paths Guide

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Feature image for our Anime Crossover Defense Upgrades Path guide which shows two Zoro units with very different appearances to display how an upgrade path changes the stat and physical properties of a unit. The zoro on the left is wearing his pre-ts outfit, and the zoro on the right is wearing his enies lobby outfit whilst in the 9-sword style pose

This Anime Crossover Defense Upgrade Paths Guide tells you what an Upgrade Path is and how to choose the correct one for your units!

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Anime Crossover Defense Upgrade Paths Guide

Every unit enjoys an Upgrade Path after placement during a game. This pathway is quite loose, and you can tailor your units to have certain stat increases but only for that singular placement. In other words, if you place two of the same unit, you can have entirely different Upgrade Paths despite being the same.

Selling a unit during a wave to place a new one will reset the Upgrade Path. And, every unit in the game regardless of rarity enjoys two branching Upgrade Paths. You spend Gold (earned during waves) on a path lineage, which over time will lock off the other option when too many upgrades are fed into one path. Naturally, the further into an Upgrade Path you go, the more Gold it costs, forcing you to choose carefully!

You can always view each unit’s possible path choices after they’ve been placed on the map. It will display an upgrade name and what the stat boost is. Depending on the unit, what you’re using them for wave per wave and the area of placement will dictate which Upgrade Path best suits your needs.

Example Of Upgrade Paths

I’m going to use Mosshead (Zoro) as an Upgrade Path example since hes my husband. Er, because I have his unit and are familliar with his pathways… Anyway.

Mosshead Upgrade Paths

First Path

  • Bandana (250 Gold) – Increases speed and crit chance by 15%
  • Indomitable Will (625 Gold) – Increases Crit DMG by 25%
  • Nine-Sword Style (2150 Gold) – Zoro takes a new stance and unleashes 9 swords upon enemies
    • At the third Upgrade, the other pathway is locked!
  • Legendary Blade: Enma (4500 Gold) – Increases DMG by 100%, Crit DMG by 50% and Crit Chance by 25%
  • Asuru: Dead Man’s Game (6500 Gold) – Zoro gains a yellow aura as he seals his enemies fate.

Second Path

  • Steel Cutting (500 Gold) – Increases DMG by 100%
  • Swordsman’s Dicipline (600 Gold) – Increases DMG by +25% and Range by 15%
  • Flying Slash (950 Gold) – Zoro unleashes flying slashes at an enemy hitting ground and flying enemies.
    • At the third Upgrade, the other pathway is locked!
  • Legendary Blade: Shusui (2500 Gold) – Increases DMG by 300%
  • Dragon Twister (4000 Gold) – Zoro spins so violently that it creates a tornado that cuts through multiple enemies on the battlefield at once.

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