Anime Crossover Defense Traits Tier List

By admin May14,2024
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My Anime Crossover Defense Traits Tier List ranks every Trait from best to worst, so you know the best Traits to try and roll for your units. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates as new Traits get added to the game!

Whilst some Traits benefit units better over others depending on the type, this tier ranks every Trait without unit bias based on raw buffs. Traits aren’t required to upgrade a unit, but definitely help if you’re striving for the absolute best team.

Check out Anime Crossover Defense over on Roblox. For more Anime Crossover Defense content, check out my Anime Crossover Defense Traits Guide and my Anime Crossover Defense Tier List.

Anime Crossover Defense Traits Tier List (May 2024)

Less yapping, more ranking!


Best of the best Traits. These Traits are regarded as the OP lot, generally pairing well with any unit and letting them reach an all-new peak!

  • Omnipotent (Impossible Trait)
  • Doppelganger (Impossible Trait)
  • Nanomachines (Mythic Trait)


Great alternatives if you don’t initially roll for those in S-Tier. Since Traits work as a gamble, you could happily enjoy these Traits without rerolling as doing so might award you a weaker Trait.

  • CEO (Impossible Trait)
  • Innovator (Mythic Trait)
  • Hawkeye (Legendary Trait)
  • Radiant (Legendary Trait)


Average Traits. You could tempt a reroll, but these Traits aren’t the absolute worst… They have a few niche uses, but aren’t overly beneficial.

  • Lightspeed (Mythic Trait)
  • Range (Epic Trait)
  • Strength (Epic Trait)


These Traits are weaker than most, but not the bottom of the barrel. I would recommend a reroll.

  • Super Sonic (Legendary Trait)
  • Speed (Epic Trait)
  • Range (Rare Trait)
  • Speed (Rare Trait)
  • Strength (Rare Trait)


Since things can’t get much worse, I’d recommend rerolling! These Traits are (skull emoji).

  • There are currently no D-Tier ranking Traits! At least all your options are better than the absolute worst.

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