Anime Crossover Defense Prestige Guide

By admin May14,2024

My Anime Crossover Defense Prestige Guide tells you what a Prestige is, how to perform one and the benefits of it. You could say this is a prestige guide to prestige!

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Anime Crossover Defense Prestige Guide

If you’re familiar with Prestige mechanics within games, you’ll know it’s a late-game achievement which offers a trade-off for buffing stats. This is similar in Anime Crossover Defense, where a unit can reach a Prestige and return to its base level but with a permanent stat buff increase.

I’d recommend only Prestiging your absolute best team units for a few reasons. Firstly, you have limited slots to Prestige, so wasting such a huge buffer on lame units won’t offer much long-term. The process of a Prestige also takes a while, so it’d be in vain if you performed a Prestige on anything other than your best.

How To Prestige

This mechanic is quite passive, so you needn’t earn any special materials to perform it. It’s as simple as reaching level 100 with a unit. Then, head into the large purple door in the main Anime Crossover Defense lobby.

As mentioned, you only have a limited number of space for units Prestige. This amount of Prestige scales off of your personal level. For example, if you’re level 1, you can Prestige 1 unit. You can continue this until level 5, where the Prestige cap kicks in and prevents further unit Prestige.

What Does A Prestige Offer?

Now, onto the fun stuff! Every Prestige performed awards your unit with a +20% Damage Boost per turn. Because the buff is massive, I recommend that you only Prestige the top-tier units within your team.

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