Anime Crossover Defense Best Artifact Guide

By admin May14,2024
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Wondering what the best Artifact is? Our Anime Crossover Defense Best Artifact Guide has explained what the best artifact is in Anime Crossover Defense, as well as a little bit about what they are, so you know which to go for!

If you’d like to play for yourself, you can do so on Roblox. If you’re already playing Anime Crossover Defense and would like some extra help, we have some posts you can check out! Take a look at our Anime Crossover Defense Materials Guide and our Anime Crossover Defense Upgrade Paths Guide.

Anime Crossover Defense Best Artifact Guide

If you’re unsure what an Artifact is, they grant you special abilities to help your tower defense. Each artifact offers different skills and abilities, so it can be tough to know which one to try and get your hands on. If you want to know how to get them, and to see the full list of all Artifacts, we have a Anime Crossover Defense Artifacts Guide you can visit for more information!

Which Artifact Is The Best?

The best Artifact is Hogyoku (of course… inspired by Hogyoku) It has two different abilites: Metamorphosis and Desire Materialization.

Metamorphosis will give units who have survived multiple rounds a huge damage buff. So although you will have to hang in there and survive for a while, it definitely makes it worth it! The Desire Materialization ability will slightly increase damage, and also reduce your upgrade cost.

I’ve also added in a runner up for the second best Artifact, which has got to be the Black Notebook. Its inspired from the Death Note anime, mimicking Light Yagami’s iconic notebook. The ability it has is called Fate Written, and it will cause enemies under a certain HP to get executed, regardless of the attack power they posses.

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