AFK Journey Adjusts Rewards And Nerfs After Major Community Outcry

By admin May14,2024

AFK Journey developers, Lilith Games, have responded to player outcry by reversing their decision to nerf the latest season’s rewards. Ever since they dropped their latest update Song of Strife, there has been an intense community backlash to match the rewards to pre-season levels.

What Are The Devs Saying?

Addressing the nerfs via Discord, Lilith Games explained that rewards are usually planned over four updates per season. They said they’ll now ensure the new season rewards match those of the pre-season and assured players that they won’t make this mistake again. They also admitted lapses in the recent reward distribution.

Following the announcement, AFK Journey adjusts rewards and nerfs to Season AFK Stage, Season Legend Trial, Season Corrupt Creature and Battle Drills to match the Starter Story rewards. They’ll now be adding some improvements to the reward system. You can check out the complete details on that on their Discord channel.

Addressing concerns about true-damage heroes like Marilee and Korin, the devs emphasized they aren’t being rotated out. Instead, they aim to balance them with other heroes while ensuring true-damage heroes shine in Endless Mode.

What Is The Community Saying?

Players wonder why such harsh nerfs were attempted in the first place. The move significantly affected both free-to-play and pay-to-win players and has left a sour taste, especially among paying players. It’s evident that the previous rewards weren’t deemed overly generous, making the nerfs even more controversial.

Players are also peeved since engaging in new season content has stringent requirements. Players need to complete all AFK stages, hit level resonance 240, and beat the story to access it. With content already being scarce, such high entry barriers have only fuelled discontent among users.

AFK Journey Adjusts Rewards And Nerfs, Now What?

It’s clear that the volume of refund requests and negative feedback played a part in this quick turnaround. However, there are no signs that Lilith Games will address low hero drop rates in the standard banner either, which continues to be a pain point.

What do you think about this whole mess? Comment and let us know. Before heading out, take a look at our other news. Hilarious And Quirky! Turn-Based RPG Athenian Rhapsody Drops On Mobile.

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