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To find out what an Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube is, how to get it, and what it can do, you’ll find it all below in this guide! If you have powerful and rare units, you may want to consider upgrading their stats or rolling for new ones as soon as possible.

Load up the game via the official Roblox page to get started with the Stat Upgrade Cube grind! We’ve covered a few terms for the game already, so make sure to check out our Anime Fantasy Evolutions guide, our guide on Anime Fantasy Portals, and our guide on the Anime Fantasy Secret Mie unit.

Anime Fantasy Stat Upgrade Cube

The Stat Upgrade Cube is a consumable item that upgrades one of your current stats. To be more specific, the Stat Potential is upgraded. It only increases 1 stat per use, but garnering multiple Stat Upgrade Cubes allows you to enhance even more.

To use a Stat Upgrade Cube, you must visit the Stat Potential NPC in the main lobby. He is found in the Evolutions area, and once you find him, you can interact with him to double-check your unit’s stats!

Firstly, you select the unit you want to check up on. You can then use a Stat Upgrade Cube to reroll for new or upgraded stats. A stronger stat is not guaranteed, so you need quite a few Stat Upgrade Cubes to make it worth your time!

How to Get a Stat Upgrade Cube

The sole way of obtaining a Stat Upgrade Cube is by taking part in raids. No matter the world you’re in, there’s a chance for Stat Upgrade Cubes to drop at the end. The current raids to join are:

  • Infinite Train
  • Marine Town
  • Shidobi Forest
  • Silent Town
    • (This raid is yet to be added, but it should be coming soon!)

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