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By admin May13,2024

Need some Anime Fortress codes for some extra gems? Maybe your team isn’t strong enough, so you’re looking for some stronger units! Grabbing some extra gems is the best way to increase your chances of getting the rarest and strongest units in the game so far.

Head to the Anime Fortress Roblox page to assemble your team! Enjoying tower defense titles right now? Check out our Anime Fantasy Status Effects guide, our Anime Fantasy Portals guide, and our Anime Crossover Defense Tier List.

Anime Fortress Codes

Does anyone want some free gems? If you want to summon more units, then you’ll need plenty of them! Using codes in Anime Fortress grants you with a set amount of gems that you can use in the Summoning area for new units.

Active Codes

Here are the 2 codes that currently work in Anime Fortress! New codes are added when they have been tested.

How to Redeem Anime Fortress Codes

Load up Anime Fortress via the Roblox page or through the launcher! Once you’ve loaded into the game, look to the right on your screen to find the Shop button. This button has a drawing of a shop with sparkles around it!

Click on this button to open up the Shop, and click the Codes tab at the top to be taken to the code redemption feature. Or, on any of the tabs (including Coin and Main), scroll all the way down to the bottom of the window to find the text box for codes!

Type out a code (or copy and paste it to save time) into the empty text box and then follow up by clicking the green ‘Claim!’ button to redeem. If the code works, a pop-up box will appear detailing your collected rewards. If the code doesn’t work, then the game will kindly let you know!

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