Hades 2 is so good even the first game has just beaten its own Steam record

By admin May13,2024

Hades 2 has quickly proven popular, and it’s clearly gotten people in the mood for the original, as the 2020 roguelite has also seen a strong boost on Steam.

Last week, Supergiant decided to bless us with a surprise Hades 2 early access drop, so obviously we all immediately put down whatever we were playing and hopped straight into it. The sequel quickly shot up to Steam’s top sellers pretty much straight after it was released, and if your timeline has been anything like mine, has rapidly taken a hold over every horny person under the sun. What’s most impressive is that much like the first one, Hades 2 is just in early access, and yet it’s already managed to hit more than double the original games all-time concurrent player count peak, amassing more than 100,000 players when it launched. However, clearly people are fancying more than what the sequel offers, as the first Hades has seen a big player count increase of its own over the weekend.

Previously, the game’s concurrent player count record was 37,749, which it set back when it was released in 2020. However, over the weekend the game managed to climb up to a new record of 54,240 players, so clearly there will have been some returning and presumably new players all hopping back in off of the popularity of its sequel. I can’t exactly blame them, Hades truly is a stellar piece of design, and has a story captivating enough to keep you moving throughout those occasionally brutal runs.

Of course, you might be wondering if Hades 2 is worth jumping into in early access now that it’s finally out, and lucky for you we have an answer to that question (spoiler alert: you probably should). And if you do feel like playing the first Hades again or for the first time, quite conveniently it’s available through Netflix on iOS, so if you’ve got an account you’ve got no excuses not to play it.

By admin

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