7 forgotten Fallout crossovers that you definitely don’t remember

By admin May13,2024

Ever since Bethesda took a certain little-known isometric RPG for neckbeards and turned it into a huge mainstream phenomenon (thank you Bethesda), the Fallout brand has done Big Business. And so it has been roped into numerous cross-promotional schemes over the years, lending its iconic branding to all sorts of pointless adornments you can get for other games.

And also a pretty nifty Minecraft world, packed full of homages to key locations from the series, like a sort of blocky Fallout theme park. Hey, until they build Megaton at Universal Studios, that’s probably the closest you’ll get to such a thing. You’ll have to bring your own devilled eggs.

Check the video above for a nifty rundown of forgotten brand crossovers featuring Vault Boy, Codsworth, and Red Rocket showing up in other games, thanks to friend of VG247 Ian Higton off of Eurogamer!

Let’s just hope it doesn’t cross over into the real world, yeah? Being a ghoul sounds great and all but I think real nukes just turn people into sheet glass.

By admin

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