The Phantom X Global On The Cards For SEGA Soon?

By admin May11,2024

SEGA, the Japanese video game goliath, just released its annual revenue report for the Fiscal Year FY2023-24. Alright, but why am I talking about it? Well, they’ve dropped some hints that they’re eyeing the Japanese and worldwide roll-out for their action RPG Persona 5: The Phantom X. Let’s give the full details on the P5: The Phantom X global scoop!

In the financial report, SEGA stated that “the future expansion of P5: The Phantom X in Japan and global is under consideration”. As of now, the game launched only in China, Taiwan and South Korea. The open beta launched in China on April 12th and in Taiwan and Korea on April 18th, but there hasn’t been any mention of plans to launch it in other regions.

Want to see the full report? Check out its official English version to know more about P5: The Phantom X global.

Got The Chance To Try P5: The Phantom X?

The urban Japanese adventure RPG has been developed by Black Feather Studio. It’s a team supervised by Perfect World Games, which got the license from SEGA. The game is a spin-off of the Persona series by Atlus.

In the game, you play as a high school kid, Wonder, fighting the Shadows in the Metaverse. As Wonder, you lead the Phantom Thieves through school life and the twists of the Metaverse. P5: The Phantom X is set in an alternate timeline, but it’s hooked to the original game.

So, SEGA throwing around the idea of making P5: The Phantom X global and hitting up Japan sure sounds exciting. We’ll keep you posted on any word of an official launch in Japan or globally as soon as we get the scoop.

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