Anime Fantasy Status Effects Guide

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Want to make life really difficult for your enemies in Anime Fantasy? Then you should get familiar with Anime Fantasy Status Effects. These can let you shred regenerators and stop speedy units in their tracks, but you need to know how they work and who can cause them. Read on with our guide, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Anime Fantasy is available to play now via Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Fantasy Traits guide if you want to learn more about the stat bonus system.

Anime Fantasy Status Effects Guide

First, we’ll explain what Status Effects are, then we’ll go over which ones are in the game, what they do, and who can use them.

About Status Effects

Status Effects are special effects applied to targets with certain attacks. These will have a lasting impact on any unit affected by them, making them quite useful for dealing lingering damage, or preventing enemy progress. Only certain character units are able to inflict status effects, so it’s useful to know who.

Status Effect List

Here are all the Status Effects included right now.


A successfully landed Bleed will continue to deal bleed damage over time. This is helpful for nerfing regenerating enemies by canceling it out.


A successfully landed Burn will continue to deal fire damage over time. This is useful against healing enemies as the damage can negate the regen.


A successfully landed Freeze will fix the enemy in place for a short time, preventing them from progressing toward the end.. which is a good thing for you.


A successfully landed Slow will dramatically slow the enemy unit’s movement, meaning it will take longer to reach the end, and give you time to inflict move damage with your units.

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