Target Has 4 NEW Disney Water Bottles ONLINE

By admin May10,2024

We just found your new favorite Disney World water bottle!


We find cute new Disney products at Target all the time — both in-person and online. What makes it even better is when those cute things are actually super useful, too! Since staying hydrated is SUPER important at Disney World, a water bottle is 100% essential for your upcoming trip. If you want to stay on the Disney theme, you should check out these cute character-inspired water bottles that you can get right now online!

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We found water bottles online at Target that are themed to Mickey, Minnie, Chewbacca, and Baby Yoda! The bottles themselves are pretty plain, but they come with these coolers that are designed to look like the characters. The coolers have carry straps, which make the bottles super convenient to carry around Disney World.


If you loved the Mandalorian Disney+ show, this Grogu Bottle Cooler is perfect for you. Baby Yoda is featured on the tote, holding a little frog snack. The water bottle that comes with it has the Star Wars logo and a galaxy design on it.

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