NEWS: Disney Files Permit for Opening-Day Ride in Magic Kingdom

By admin May9,2024

It takes a lot to keep Disney World running in tip-top shape like Walt Disney always imagined.

Main Street Train Station

From new restaurants and rides to rethemed classics, Disney is always trying to keep things interesting and exciting for visitors! But, sometimes that means they have to do a bit of renovating in order to make it happen. A new permit we just found makes us think that an opening-day Magic Kingdom ride might be getting a refresh!

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We’re always on the hunt for the latest permits filed by Disney to get an idea of what sort of changes might be coming to the parks, and we just found an interesting one! Disney Imagineering has filed a permit for work over at Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom.

Peter Pan’s Flight

The document filed is technically a Notice of Commencement, meaning Disney is planning on starting work here soon. The permit’s property address lines up with the Peter Pan’s Flight show building, meaning we can expect some sort of update here in the near future.

But, it gets even more exciting than that!

Backed up Peter Pan’s Flight Lightning Lane

Since the permit was filed by Imagineering, the work Disney is planning on doing may be actually going to be something we can see. From what we’ve seen, Imagineering permits are usually reserved for rides and other show elements that are what Disney would call “guest-facing,” meaning regular visitors could see it.

Lightning Lane at Peter Pan’s Flight

Not only that, but the contractor listed on the permit is InterAmerica Stage, Inc. — a Sanford, FL-based company that specializes in stage rigging and machinery. InterAmerica Stage has done work for Disney before, and we recently spotted them on another big Magic Kingdom project — the Country Bear Jamboree retheme!

A new show is coming!

Disney’s new version of Country Bear Jamboree is set to debut in Summer 2024. While we don’t know exactly what the refreshed show will look like yet, we do know that the new version will be called Country Bear Musical Jamboree. The show will be a take on classic variety shows found in Nashville, Tennessee, and Nashville musicians are involved in the new arrangements. The bears will perform their songs in new styles like country, rockabilly, and bluegrass.

Country Bear Jamboree

As for the Peter Pan’s Flight permit, though, we’ll have to wait and see if Disney makes any sort of announcements about what it might be for. InterAmerica Stage could be installing new show elements, swapping something out, repairing something — any number of things, really. We’ll let you know if we learn of any updates!

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