Type Soul Shikai Spirit Whispers Guide – How To Talk To Your Zanpakuto

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Having some difficulty getting along with your shinigami weapon? It’s all about being a good listener! Our Type Soul Shikai Spirit Whispers guide explains what the whispers mean, and how to use them to work out how to earn XP!

Type Soul is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Type Soul Eyes guide to try on for eyes… I mean size.

Type Soul Shikai Spirit Whispers Guide

The key to understanding how to increase your Shikai XP is understanding what kind of Spirit lives within your weapon. Each different spirit wants you to complete different tasks. How do you find out what kind you have? You just need to listen to them. Meditate and the spirit will speak to you. From what it says you can determine what kind of spirit it is, and what you need to do.

Type Soul Spirit Types

Here are each of the Spirit types, how to gain XP with them, and the lines that should let you recognize what type they are. Depending on how close you are to completion, the lines will change.


Chaotic spirits enjoy the thrill of battle. You gain Shikai XP for a Chaotic Spirit by doing PVP missions.

Chaotic Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “Ah, so you’re the one who wields me. Keep me entertained, won’t you?”
  • “You know, destruction is a fun hobby. Try it sometime.”

Level Two

  • “Anyone who can become stronger than you should be cut while they are weak.”
  • “There are people getting stronger than you as we speak… Go kill them.”
  • “You are shaping into something… Who knows if it’s good though?”
  • “You… You’re a funny being. Perhaps I’ll lend you my power soon enough.”

Level Three

  • “Alright… Let’s see if you can continue your path of destruction with my assistance.”
  • “Kill and spread chaos.”
  • “This is entertaining to watch. Keep it up.”


Hateful Spirits are here for the violence. Please them and gain XP by gripping. Players or regular enemies, it doesn’t matter which.

Hateful Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “Any progress you think you’re gaining is futile.”
  • “How dare you disturb me, as a mere weakling?”
  • “Look where your efforts have led you. Ultimately, to nothing.”
  • “Soul Reapers… Hollows… You’re all garbage.”

Level Two

  • “I will not die with you, you fool.”
  • “Leave me be, trash.”
  • “You continue to attempt at summoning me? Tsk.”
  • “Your struggles will lead you to death.”

Level Three

  • “It seems I’ll have to end your delusions of holding my power myself.”


Kind-Hearted Spirits have boundless compassion for wandering souls. Purify Lost Souls to gain XP.

Kind-Hearted Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “I don’t know you yet… but you have potential.”
  • “Keep working hard. One day, you’ll be able to meet me.”
  • “Your work ethic is impressive. I’m glad we are one.”

Level Two

  • “Do not allow setbacks to falter your spirit.”
  • “You’re getting there. Keep at it.”
  • “You uphold the pride of a Soul Reaper well.”

Level Three

  • “I’m proud of you. It’s time.”
  • “Use my power to attain the next stage.”
  • “We are one.”


Pure Spirits want to rid the worlds of the Hollow menace. Kill non-player Hollows to level up a Pure weapon.

Pure Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “Protecting the Soul Society comes above all else.”
  • “So I have landed in your hands. Use me well to uphold the Soul Reaper name.”
  • “Your growth is showing. Don’t falter.”
  • “You must grow stronger if you wish to be an asset to the Soul Society…”

Level Two

  • “We are on the right path. The path of righteousness.”
  • “You are doing well, friend.”
  • “You bring pride to the Soul Society.”

Level Three

  • “A Soul Reaper must wield their blade’s name eventually. Get stronger and you will wield yours.”
  • “Alright. It is time I grant you with my name. Come.”


Squeamish Spirits can’t stand unnecessary bloodshed. Complete missions to appease them and gain XP.

Squeamish Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “Do you value your life?”
  • “Only the weak resort to killing those who cannot fight back.”
  • “Who are you..? Why do you continue to take souls..?”
  • “Your violence is senseless… Do you expect me to lend you power like this?”

Level Two

  • “I see you are changing… for the better.”
  • “I have taken a liking to you… but with all the fighting you do you will die.”
  • “You and I are starting to see more in common…”

Level Three

  • “Perhaps it is time I teach you how to survive in this world.”
  • “The power I have lent you should assist you in your endeavors.”


Vengeful Spirits have a vendetta, and they want you to avenge yourself. Get grips on players who’ve killed you in the server to get XP.

Vengeful Spirits will whisper the following things when you meditate:

Level One

  • “Do you enjoy being a weakling? You aren’t worthy of me.”
  • “Is this it..? Pathetic.”
  • “You call yourself a Soul Reaper, yet you are weak.”

Level Two

  • “Those who oppose you should not live.”
  • “You’re becoming more… acceptable.”
  • “All your effort led to this?”

Level Three

  • “Interesting. Your bloodlust towards those who wrong you has increased.”
  • “Perhaps it is time I trained you myself.”

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