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Feature image for our Type Soul Kendo guide. It shows an Arrancar character with a katana leaning over one shoulder.

Want to study the blade? Then you’ll want to get to grips with the Type Soul Kendo skill tree. This set of skills lets you use your sword to deal steely death on your opponent. Read on to find out all about it.

Type Soul is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Type Soul Shikai Spirit Whispers guide, if you need help with your Shikai.

Type Soul Kendo Guide

First we’ll explain Kendo, then cover the skill tree.

About Kendo

Kendo is the sword skill tree in Type Soul. You can access it via your menu, (The default key to open it is N.)

Kendo is the counterpart of Hakuda, the fist style. Learning Hakuda locks you out of Kendo, so keep that in mind!

Kendo Skill List

Here are each of the Kendo skills you can equip, what they do, and how many points you need invested into Kendo to unlock them.

  • Safeguard
    • Kendo 3
    • Force Attackers away on block, default on, can be toggled off.
  • Brace
    • Kendo 5
    • Reduce damage taken for a short time.
  • Thrust
    • Kendo 8
    • Quick long-range thrust, procs Exposed, negating all defense for a short duration.
  • Suikawari
  • Senmaioroshi
    • Kendo 16
    • Perform multiple blade cuts.
  • Bisection
    • Kendo 18
    • “A slash so flawless the air seems drawn to it.”
  • Rising Swallow
    • Kendo 20
    • Launch the opponent into the air, cutting multiple times.
  • Vertical Down
    • Kendo 24
    • A short vertical slash. It Inflicts True Pierce status on an opponent for five seconds.
  • Split Gate
    • Kendo 24
    • A short horizontal slash. It Inflicts True Pierce on an opponent for five seconds.
  • Overpowering Slash
    • Kendo 30
    • A strong overhead slash.
  • Delayed Crossings
    • Kendo 35
    • Debuffs opponent’s flashstep and dash speed for a short time.
  • Flower Passage
    • Kendo 40
    • Guard-breaking melee thrust breaking into two aerial strikes.
  • Pressure Shift
    • Kendo 25, Speed 20
    • Stance, the next player you damage will receive a devastating counter-attack.
  • Flowing Petals
    • Kendo 45
    • Two-Part melee attack.
  • Mortal Ties
    • Kendo 50
    • Strike opponent from afar, linking spirits and severing healing for a short time.
    • Attacks damage healing ability and reduce effects of HP packs

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