Uh oh, Helldivers 2 has been pulled from sale on Steam in over 170 countries following its PSN controversy

By admin May5,2024

Helldivers 2 is falling from grace a touch, as now the game has seemingly been pulled from sale in over 170 countries on Steam.

Earlier this week, Sony made the very controversial announcement that soon all Helldivers 2 PC players would have to link their Steam accounts to a PSN account just to play the game. This has, to put it very lightly, not been received very well. By that I mean, the game is being review bombed on Steam due to the decision, resulting in the game receiving more than 100,000 negative reviews in just a couple of days. That’s left it with a recent review rating of mostly negative, and an overall rating of mixed. Well, things are likely about to get even worse, as it seems that the game has outright been pulled from sale in more than 170 countries on Steam.

Important to note here is that PSN is currently only available in 69 countries, so there were a lot of concerns that some players would simply no longer be able to play the game. Now, many more just outright won’t be able to buy the game, a move that I can only describe as baffling. According to deals wizard Wario64, there have also been reports of Steam approving refund requests even if someone has played above the two hour limit, but your mileage may vary there.

This move seems a bit at odds with a message from developer Arrowhead that said those in regions where PSN is unsupported would still be able to play the game without an account, but whether that now means this is just the case for pre-existing players isn’t clear. Again important to note is that this decision comes from Sony specifically, not Arrowhead, so if you feel it’s impossible to not direct your anger somewhere, first of all, maybe try a bit harder, but secondly maybe don’t point it towards a team that’s likely trying its hardest to fix a difficult situation.

By admin

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