Love Magic: The Gathering? Why not check out this manga all about it that’s somehow been running for six years that’s finally getting translated

By admin May5,2024

Yu-Gi-Oh! obviously originally started life as a manga, but an English-language translation of a Magic: The Gathering manga is finally on the way now.

The world of manga is a really diverse one, filled with all kinds of weird and unique stories you don’t always get in mainstream comics. One such odd comic is Destroy All Humans. They Can’t Be Regenerated. A Magic: The Gathering Manga, a manga that is quite literally about playing the popular card game. Earlier this week, manga publisher Viz Media announced that the card game manga would finally be getting an English translation this coming autumn, and best of all for Magic players, it’ll come with an exclusive card.

“Seems like in everything he does, geeky Tokigawa Middle School student Hajime Kano always comes in second place behind popular honor student Emi Sawatari,” reads an official plot description of the manga. “But when Hajime takes a trip to a new game store he’s been hearing about, their rivalry takes an unexpected turn. Welcome to the early days of Magic: The Gathering, when a trading card game shaped a generation forever!”

The manga is actually set in the late ’90s, so this will either be a bit of a throwback for people who have been playing Magic since then, or something of a time capsule to be uncovered for the younger reader out there. I hadn’t actually heard of it before this announcement, and I was particularly surprised to find out that not only is this manga six years old, it’s still going even now, so clearly it’s good enough to warrant 15 volumes. Hey, Magic is a fun card game, even if Wizards of the Coast has used some generative AI in its marketing.

While this upcoming manga could obviously be a gateway for some newcomers to get into Magic, recently our Alex has found interest in the game thanks to its crossover Doctor Who and Fallout cards.

By admin

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