This Star Wars day we celebrate the best part of the Star Wars Jedi series: Oggdo Bogdo

By admin May4,2024

Today is Star Wars day. International celebrations on lightsabers, Jedi, the force, and little green guys. One of the more established nerd holidays, it’s a time for peace and jubilance. However, I’m not here to mess around. As a fan of Star Wars – and more recently the Star Wars Jedi series – my mind is on one special guy. Star Wars Jedi 3, whenever it comes out, will be the climactic conclusion to a brilliant modern Star Wars trilogy. But it won’t be the same without Oggdo.

Anyone who has played any of the games will have strong opinions about the king of all space frogs. A running joke to some, a series highlight for others.This is absolutely not and joke and is very serious. Star Wars Jedi 3 may end up brilliant either way, but without Oggdo I dare say a sizable portion of the fanbase will be left bereft of hope. As such, I’ve written out a list of suggestions on how I’d like to see everyone’s favourite frog return. Again, all entirely serious.

Oggdo must return…somehow

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Oggdo Bogdo
I don’t care how. | Image credit: EA

One of the best running gags of the Star Wars Jedi series stems from a certain frog called Oggdo. This lad proved a challenging optional boss fight in the first game, with his no-BS attitude and unique charm popping back through the Spawn on Oggdo in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. I don’t care if canonically they have to make a new Oggdo in a lab, or revive him through force shenanigans. Oggdo must return. The frog is as much a core part of the Star Wars Jedi series as Merrin is.

3v1 optional boss fight against multiple Oggdos

Oggdo Bogdo 3X
Just for the hell of it. | Image credit: VG247 / EA

One of the more difficult and frankly hilarious bits of side content from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was a 2v1 boss fight against two Oggdos at once, Ornstein and Smough style. It took place in this force tear that allowed for both father and son to fight as one – a wholesome moment of familial bonding rarely seen in Star Wars media.

The only way to top this is to throw three Oggdos at you at once. Or, if that proves a bit too much, a three phase Oggdo fight. A precedent has been set that hidden Oggdo fights get harder each game – so really push it to its ridiculous limits.

Force Ghost Oggdo

He is dead, after all. | Image credit: VG247

The Star Wars Jedi series is so beloved because it pays ample attention to the narrative. It’s a character-focused story, one with consequences where people can and do die all the time. As such, while a big frog should appear in some form, we should not erase the important facts of Oggdo’s own arc.

We did ruthlessly kill Oggdo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and we also ran up into his son’s home and killed him in Survivor. Cal shouldn’t be able to escape the guilt of doing this. So if Oggdo – the original Oggdo – makes a return, he should pull a Yoda and ghost it up.

Give Oggdo a lightsaber

Oggdo with lightsaber
We all want to see it. | Image credit: VG247

Let’s address the elephant in the room, we’ve seen the same Oggdo move set for two games now. Star Wars Jedi experts will be able to run up the frog – if he appears in Star Wars Jedi 3 – and know what to do immediately. With that in mind, and in keeping with the traditional of Oggdo being hard as nails – we should give him a lightsaber.

And before you’re like “oh, you can’t give a giant frog a lightsaber, that’s silly” the entirety of Star Wars canon and expanded universe content has put a lightsaber in the hands of far wackier ghouls and goblins than a big frog. They made a giant brain a jedi – a giant goo alien too. It’s a fictional universe and they can give anything a lightsaber they want, so why not Oggdo?

Oggdo romance

Oggdo Bodgo romance image
We all know some people will be into it. | Image credit: VG247

Following the release and overwhelming popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3, the sheer number of people who expressed their desire to shag animals was less than I feared, but way more than I’d hoped. I know that loads of people want to see a Cal and Merrin romance thing continue on into a future game, and that’s fine. But what about Greez? Is he meant to chill out on this isolated planet all on his own? Do old space guys not deserve love?

Just give him a frog, bro. Give Greez a big green frog with that acidic tongue and let the internet do the rest. People will go wild for a week for some of that sweet, sweet organic PR and word of mouth marketing, we’ll see Greez nuts jokes resurface for a month or two, and then things will settle down.

Look, just bring Oggdo back

Jokes aside, it was a genuine shock – in a good way – when you’re dropped down into the Spawn of Oggdo arena in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. I was playing the game for guides, as well as our review, and with no knowledge out there at the time on this fun cameo from the first game it stood out as one of the good video game surprises. A present for those who played the first game, and through throwing in the 2v1 optional Oggdo boss fight later in the game the team at Respawn showed understanding of how to get an “oh f@ck” out of players. It’s what a sequel is all about!

So when the third game does come back, a lot of loose ends are expected to be tied up. In terms of the story, in terms of the places we’ve not seen, the antagonists we’ve not overcome… A conclusion to a trilogy is a celebration of the entire package, and when it comes to video games, the best trilogies pay homage to beloved moments in gameplay, not just the story.

Respawn has proven to have a great sense of humour, and I trust the developers behind the first two games to pay off the fan’s most hated / loved encounter. So here’s to Oggdo – give him one final hurrah!

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