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Heard about the elusive Type Soul Semi Grade 1? It seems to be the one grade that everyone’s talking about. So, let’s dive deeper into what it is.

Head over to the official Roblox page for Type Soul to start playing. If you’re curious about the grading system in the game, make sure to read our Type Soul Grade guide and our How to Join a Division in Type Soul guide – the latter helps with the Shinigami progression!

Type Soul Semi Grade 1

When increasing your grade in Type Soul, everyone begins at Grade 5. The first milestone is getting to Semi Grade 1 after farming EXP in missions! The shift to this grade opens up more of the in-game world. Then, the next step is going up to Elite Grade.

Semi Grade 1 for Quincies

As every faction requires mission EXP to get to Semi Grade 1 in the first place, things start to differentiate once you reach this rank. If you’re a Quincy, the main thing you should focus on is defeating Hollows.

However, you need to prioritise Hollow NPCs and not players. Killing Hollow NPCs rewards you with a decent amount of EXP. Combine this with the usual EXP from missions, as well as taking part in plenty of raids, and you’ll be well on your way to ranking up. Don’t forget to Grip other players and enemies too, as you’ll earn extra EXP from this too!

Semi Grade 1 for Hollows

It’s more or less the same for Hollows as it is for Quincies. However, once you reach Grade 2, you can select a Cero path. Ranking up from Grade 5 to Semi Grade 1 can be done by completing missions.

The difference between the process for Hollows and Quincies is that Hollow players don’t need to search for certain enemies. EXP from completing raids, working through missions, and getting successful Grips is all that’s required.

Semi Grade 1 for Soul Reapers

Right, this is where it changes a little – nothing major, but it requires your Shikai. From Grade 2, you can unlock your Shikai, which will give you additional EXP to reach Semi Grade 1.

We have a guide on the Type Soul Shinigami Progression process, but I’ll go over it slightly here too! Once you reach Grade 2, you need to meditate around 4 times, which then leads to your Shikai appearing. Defeating your Shikai is a requirement before you wield Shikai yourself in battle.

With your newly unlocked Shikai, you can earn Shikai EXP as you farm content. Raids, missions, successful Grips, and Division EXP are your main focus! This is also the case for when you reach Semi Grade 1 and are in the process of ranking up to Elite Grade.

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