Project Mugetsu Ginjo Clan Guide

By admin May3,2024
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Looking for a clan that will promote your Fullbringer to their full potential. Ginjo. It’s totally Ginjo. This clan doesn’t just have good buffs for Fullbringers though, anyone can find some good in this bloodline. Our Project Mugetsu Ginjo clan guide runs over everything you need to know about this War Powers family line and how to get it.

Project Mugetsu is out on Roblox. We’ve put together a Project Mugestu Ichibei clan guide too, for anyone after an even rarer in-game family.

Project Mugetsu Ginjo Clan Guide

Confused about clans? We cover those, too. Then it’s all about the fun surprises awaiting the clan members.

About Project Mugetsu Clans

So, what are clans? Well, it all comes down to your second name, visible on your save file. The clans are named after a bunch of well-known Bleach characters, and some have abilities inspired by the character in question. Well, I say Bleach characters. There’s a Gojo clan, too.

The Ginjo Clan

Ginjo is one of the six storied clans in the War Powers category. You have only a 0.1% chance to roll a War Powers clan on a clan reroll, but the buffs are pretty impressive so you might want to keep hold of one if you get it.

The clan is inspired by the character Kūgo Ginjō, a fullbringer and leader of Xcution, and one-time Substitute Shinigami, so your clan buffs reflect both sides of his character.

If you roll the Ginjo clan, you get the following bonuses:

  • More damaging basic attack with a larger hitbox than average.
  • Both Sword and Fist Mastery level up twice as fast.
  • Regains lost Reiatsu every time you do damage.
  • Twelve extra flashsteps.
  • Able to activate ‘Substitute Shinigami’ for extra damage, extra defense, extra speed, and lower cooldowns for thirty seconds.
  • Special Move: Cross Of Scaffold
    • A melee attack that deploys a bust of green energy which launches the enemy upwards.

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