Anime Fantasy Codes – How To Get A Ton Of Summons Early On

By admin May2,2024

Anime Fantasy is out, and if you’re playing you’re probably eager to roll to get the best units possible in your roster, right? Well, you can rack up over a thousand gems off the bat with the help of developer promo codes. Our Anime Fantasy codes guide runs over each working code, tested and approved by us!

Anime Fantasy is out right now on Roblox. We’ve got more Roblox, too. Try our Demon Blade codes guide.

Anime Fantasy Codes Guide

Codes, what to do with them, and rewards.

Working Codes

Below are any codes we’ve found via the official Anime Fantasy Discord, tested in-game, and found fully functional, so we know they’re both real and not expired. We’ve also included the rewards next to them so you have some idea of what you’re getting.

Top Tip: Codes only expire or become active in new servers, so some codes may appear active in one server, and expired in another. Don’t be afraid to try a few different ones.

  • Likes2500 – 250 Gems
  • Visit500k – 250 Gems
  • ShadowMonarch – 450 Gems
  • Release – 350 Gems
  • Sub2AekZaJunior – 2 Reroll Tokens
  • Sub2Jetoza – 2 Reroll Tokens

Codes can expire at any time the developers want, so it’s a good idea to use them as soon as possible. We try and clear out any useless expired codes on a regular basis. If a code is expired, the game should let you know when you try to redeem it, at least.

How To Redeem Codes

Now you know the codes, let’s explain what to do with them. Code redemption for Roblox games almost always takes place inside the game, but it can take on many forms, from its own window, to the chatbox, to a special zone. Fortunately, we’ve tracked down the mechanic in Anime Fantasy and outlined it below, step by step.

  • Start Anime Fantasy. You should load right into the middle of the lobby area.
  • Run up the steps into the ‘middle ring’ of the Lobby.
  • On this central ring you should find an NPC that looks like Luffy from One Piece, next to a heap of barrels. He’s marked Codes, not surprisingly.
  • Enter the gold ring around Luffy to open the Codes window.
  • Enter codes into the text field and then hit the green redeem button.
  • Green text should appear if your code is valid.

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